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For Music Creators

Gain financial control, independence, and artistic freedom by making your songs investable on Tangy Market.

1. Get investment

2. Add value

3. Advance

How does
it work?

  • Get your future music royalties in advance. 

  • Investors give you capital now and get their return on investment from the actual royalty payouts later. 

  • You keep 100% ownership of your music.

I chose Tangy Market because the model fits me perfectly as an independent artist and I think we need more solutions like these in the music industry to make sure artists get more financial and creative freedom.


- Lamix, Songwriter & Artist

I often hear from people that ‘Kärleksvisan’ is THEIR song, and they tell me personal memories that they associate the song with. It can be from a wedding, baptism, funeral, someone who learned Swedish with the help of it, and much more. Now you can actually make it your OWN by owning a small portion of the royalty for 8 years. So exciting that it sold quickly and made such a success on Tangy Market!


- Sarah Dawn Finer, Songwriter & Artist

I think it's a great advance option. There are a lot of people who have a strong relationship with Shoreline and so it's fun to invite them to receive a portion of the song's proceeds. After all, it is us, the band and the fans, who together created the success.


- Theodor Jensen, Songwriter, Artist &  member of Broder Daniel.

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