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We are a research based company founded by musicians, tech geeks, researchers and economists. Tangy Market unlocks the hidden world of music investments and lets you buy, sell and trade music royalties. 


By investing in songs, albums or music catalogs on Tangy Market, you are not only sharing the profits of the music, you are empowering the songwriters and artists to gain financial control, independence and artistic freedom. 

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Svartmangatan 9, Stockholm, Sweden (Old Town)

Music is undeniable one of the most important cornerstones of culture, both emotionally and from a business perspective . The music industry turnover is estimated to hit €126 billion in 2030. With Tangy Market we let you tap into the multibillion creator economy through fractionalized investments and at the same time support and be part of something that we all love, music. 

- Linda Portnoff



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Meet The Team


Linda Portnoff

Linda founded the idea of Tangy Market already back in 2012. She went from being a drummer in an indie rock band to getting a Ph.D. in Accounting and Finance and became a well known culture economics researcher. She is also the former CEO of Music Sweden, the umbrella organisation for the Swedish music industry. 

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Music, Finance, Research, Drum techniques

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Olga Stern

Olga has been named one of Sweden's most talented developers according to IDG, won the Changemaker award at MEG. 

With 15 years of experience creating software products and leading agile teams she wrote a book about the history of programming. 

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Tech, Agile Workflow, Backend development, Squash 

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Anna Ingler

Anna has broad experience from the music industry spanning from artist management, project leading and marketing to digital sales as well as consulting for Spotify with a speciality in communications. Throughout her career in music she has founded and worked with a number of NGO's within gender equality for music creators. 

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Music, Artists, Gender Equality, Dogs 

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Johan Åberg

Johan started out writing music for some of the world's biggest artists before moving on to serial-entrepreneur running several successful companies in the music industry and becoming a marketing expert specialized in social media. 

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Marketing, Music, Design furniture

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Niklas Nelldal

Niklas is a senior IT Analyst, Business Architect, artist and synth collector.

He is the Chairman of the Swedish Standards Committee for Standardization of Blockchain.

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IT, Music, Synths, NFT's

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Karin Wittur

Karin is a Music Business Developer from DMG Education who comes from the regulated gambling industry at Svenska Spel where she developed a new personalised user experience. 

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Users, Metrics, Music, Quizzes 

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Advisory Board Member

Mårten Gustafson

Mårten is a seasoned technology leader at Spotify in the intersection of strategy, organisation and software architecture.  


Advisory Board Member

Aya Rizk

Aya has a PhD in information Systems and helps organisations with data and AI-driven innovation journeys. 


Executive Board Member 

Niklas Ahlgren 

Niklas is Head of Media Relations at the Swedish Economic Crime Authority.